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Dalit Alliance For Natural Resources (DANAR) Nepal, a non-profit, a non-governmental organization dedicated to ensure the rights of Dalits and other poor excluded people in natural resources such as land, water and forest and to assist for building the vision of inclusive, equitable and prosperous society, was founded in 2009 by Dalits, Women and poor excluded Forest Activists of Nepal. Now, it has got its own branches actively working in the 40 districts of Nepal. It explores the hidden issues of exclusion and raises voice for inclusive development and makes the government bodies and other development agencies aware of their roles and responsibilities for inclusive development and sustainable peace. DANAR tries to achieve its mission through workshop, capacity development training, advocacy, negotiation, mass rally and empowerment activities. DANAR is registered in District Administration Office, Kathmandu and affiliated with Social Welfare Council of Nepal.


To build a just and equitable society through natural resources management that fully includes Dalits and other poor excluded peoples.


To influence policies and programs for equitable natural resources management and distribution, and to promote justice, social inclusion and good governance through advocacy and empowerment.



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