Dalit Alliance for Natural Resources, Nepal (DANAR, Nepal), a non-profit, a non-governmental organization dedicated to insure the rights of Dalit community in natural resources such as land, water and forest and to assist for building the vision of inclusive, equitable and prosperous society, was founded in 2065 B.S by Dalit activists, forest right activists and Dalit women from different poor and marginalized communities of Nepal. DANAR explores the hidden issues exclusion and raises voice for inclusive development and makes the government bodies and other development agencies aware of their roles and responsibilities for inclusive development and sustainable peace.  DANAR tries to achieve its mission through workshop, policy advocacy, Conference and mass rally, Income Generation Activities for poor and marginalized community and empowerment activities.

DANAR is registered in District Administration Office in Kathmandu and affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC). The main working areas of DANAR are advocacy in natural resources such as land, water and forest, where DANAR has been working social inclusion, rights advocacy of Dalit and poor community in natural resources and physical coverage is around the country.  DANAR is an independent organization formed by a team of Dalit community who are volunteers in their services to achieve the vision of DANAR. It is an autonomous organization governed by its own Constitution and enforced by its Code of Conduct to increase accountability and transparency. There are more than thousands of Dalit led organizations in Nepal representing millions of Dalits. Therefore; Dalit Alliance for Natural Resources (DANAR) - Nepal is established to encourage, strengthen, mobilize and nurture Dalit activist and Dalit communities, especially the Dalit rights and their millions of representing Dalit community in natural resources across the country and to build a concrete vision of what they want through integrated practices. DANAR has a Central Committee consisting 11 members represented by the Dalit, and Dalit Women, marginalized professionals. DANAR has inclusive central committee members with in Dalit communities such as Damai, Kami Sarki and inclusive representation in district network of DANAR. It has a 7 members Secretariat for the assistance to Central Committee.

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