Congratulation to Forest Activist Mr. Sunil Kumar Pariyar

Dear Mr. Sunil Kumar Pariyar
Dalit Alliance for Natural Resources (DANAR)-Nepal.

We, Executive Committee and staff members of DANAR, would like to express warm appreciation and congratulations on receiving the Youth  Award from the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Nepal on July 2015.
 It is a great matter of pride for not only the family of  DANAR, but also for entire Youths and Dalit movement of Nepal   that our respected Founder and Chairperson  Mr. Sunil Kumar Pariyar  has been awarded by the Nepal Government.  As one of the dedicated for creating green job, forest conservation, and mobilizing Dalit community through community forest land allocation program for poverty reduction and protection of community forest.
We believe the Award  is in recognition of your expertise and passionate contribution in promoting and protecting the forest and natural resources and supporting to the policy contribution on community forest guidelines and forest policy  of Nepal.
We always admire your passion, dedication and commitment that you owe to the marginalized people and poor community particularly those who are affected by unequal distribution of forest and natural resources.
We wish you the best for the future leadership of DANAR and youth on natural resources  and for your successful journey.

DANAR-Nepal Family
Dalit Alliance for Natural Resources(DANAR)-Nepal
Phone: +977-01-4227643
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