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Who are Dalits?

In Nepal, Dalits are excluded from various layers of development issues, they are almost out of mainstreaming from social, economic, politcal and cultural practices, due to satusquo mall practices of state and rituals. They have very desperate situation in health, poverty, natural resources, food security and climate change issues. Dalits have no access in internaitonal arena although they are recognized as IPs in international network, but in realty Dalits have own social dymention and issues of suppression in Nepalese context in ralation to Nepalese IPs. In Nepal, they are known as untouchable community, it would be essential to say that they are excluded and not allowed to touch even public resources (Tap, Temple and Public events), the condition of Dalits in community‐based forest management is poor, with minimum access and exclusion in community forestry, although many Dalits have been forest‐dependent for centuries. Studies have revealed that poor, disadvantaged people, and especially the Dalit community, are still excluded from many state and non‐state programs and mechanisms. Similarly, the UNDP Human Development Report (2011) also states that power relations among the various categories seem to be one of the main causes of disparity among various social groups, that report states the most vulnerable community is Dalit in Nepal, have low life expentancy, low percapita income and struggling from hunger.

DANAR Nepal and Dalit Issues

Dalit Alliance For Natural Resources, Nepal (DANAR, Nepal), a non‐profit, non‐governmental, grass‐root level organization dedicated to insure the rights of dalit community in natural resources and community development such as land, water and forest and to assist for building the vision of inclusive, equitable and prosperous society, was founded in 2065 B.S. by dalit activists, forest right activists and dalit women from different poor and marginalized communities of Nepal. DANAR explores the hidden issues exclusion and raises voice for inclusive development and makes the government bodies and other development agencies aware of their roles and responsibilities for inclusive development and sustainable peace. DANAR tries to achieve its mission through workshop, policy advocacy, Conference and mass rally, Income Generation Activities for poor and marginalized community and empowerment activities. The main working areas of DANAR are advocacy in natural resources such as land, water, forest and climate change, where DANAR has been working social inclusion, rights advocacy of dalit and poor community in natural resources and physical coverage is around the country.

Message From Chairman

DANAR is an independent organization formed by a team of dalit community who are volunteers in their services to achieve the vision of DANAR. Read More>>

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